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There are many exciting places to visit in La Union. The entire region is a tourist heaven. And our homestay serves as a gateway to all these interesting hotspots.


Tangadan Falls

Cascading waterfalls are the highlight of this popular & picturesque natural attraction.

Ma-Cho Temple (Taoist Temple)

The Ma-Cho, Mazu or Ma Cho Temple is a Taoist temple to the Chinese Sea-Goddess Mazu located on Quezon Avenue in Barangay II, San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines.

Baluarte Watch Tower

Baluarte is a 400-year old watchtower along Luna's pebble-covered seashore that faces the West Philippine Sea. The Spanish colonizers built the tower to keep watch of the olden times' impending pirate attacks, other foreign invaders, and any other dangers from the sea.

Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo Beach is one of the San Juan, La Union tourist spots and is known as the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines, with surfing seasons typically falling July to October and November to March.

Pindangan Ruins

The place was called “Pindangan” because the people used to make abundant sun-dried meat (with salt) as a way of preservation. Pindangan Ruins, to be specific, is an old catholic church. It is already 253 years old for it was built by the Frayles or the Spanish priests in 1764.

Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point

Dubbed as the Santorini of Asia, Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos - Poro Point is a dream destination of its own. Experience Greece's world-renowned resort.

Gapuz Grapes Farm

Gapuz Grapes Farm was founded and established by Mr. Danny Gapuz who decided to give up his college tuition fee to start learning about the grape business. They specialize in Grapes Pruning and Vineyard Growing. In 2013, they started and opened to the public the idea of Grape-picking.

Immuki Island

At present, the IMMUKI ISLAND is a stunning island, not anymore a mere paringit because of the mangroves (Bantigue/Nirad) on it. The crystal clear waters where you can see fish swimming is also an added attraction. IMMUKI ISLAND is located in Barangay Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union.

Poro Point Lighthouse

Poro Point has been the site of a navigational aid since 1885. The first Poro Point Lighthouse built during the Spanish colonial period is a cylindrical steel tower that was prefabricated in France and was completed on November 28, 1885.

Ethans Transient House
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The home is close to surfing resorts and restaurants. have a private parking. Extensive gardens and green lawn make this a place of rest.

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